The active body masque

For over 15 year Universal Contour Wrap has been amazing clients with its exceptional inch loss and guaranteed results; however it's not just the inch loss that people find amazing as the natural clay used in the process is equally renowned for its remarkable toning, exfoliation and detoxification effects.

Introducing SeaClay

By refining the clay further we have created SeaClay unique body masque with a range of treatments specifically designed to target problem areas of the body.

Treatments include:

- Cellulite Diminishing

- Bust Firming

- Back Acne

- Stress

- Full Body Detoxification

- Toning and Tighting

Each treatment combines the clay with a unique oil specifically formulated to treat the appropriate conditions. As the active ingredient goes to work on the target area the clay provides a detox while simultaneously toning and exfoliating the skin.

All you need to do is relax

Whichever treatment you choose you'll be guaranteed a relaxing experience in everything from the soothing application of the masque to its removal using our 'ultra soft' SeaClay Removal Mystique.

Finally what better way to finish than a soothing massage using SeaClay Regeneration Lotion; specially desinged to hydrate the skin and leave you invigorated and looking beautiful.

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