Imagine your Perfectly Divine Body as already here – The Ultimate Inch Loss System by Eurowave.

Do you need more time to adjust your life style and still want slimming results. Try instant inch loss and boost your self esteem by getting Guaranteed measurable difference in just one session!

Eurowave advanced slimming and cellulite treatment is the perfect inch loss system to meet the everyday demands and constraints. Look good and feel good with Eurowave. An electronic muscle stimulator that makes use of pulsating faradic wave, which “works out” the muscle group for fast, safe, immediate and sustainable inch loss. The EUROWAVE works much the same as an isometric exercise. The 18-minute session is completely effortless, and is equivalent to 200 sit-ups!

Eurowave is a revolutionary machine that specializes in Muscle Toning and Body Sculpting.  We take inches off your body and help you to build lean, tone muscle.

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F A Q?

Why Eurowave?
It has become widely accepted that core strength is very important to our overall body health.You use your core in everything you do.Fewer people suffer from prolonged and nagging back pain once their core is strong.While many new exercises do improve your core strength (Swiss ball, Pilates, wobble board etc)Eurowave still does it faster and safer! Do you hate doing sit-ups,crunches or leg lifts,because it hurts, or they don't work? Do you feel too intimidated to work out at the gym, or too busy to work out at home? Most common exercises work only the superficial muscle. Eurowave penerates the deepest part of your muscle, this enables you to get a full muscle contraction, not just a superficial muscle contraction. Inch loss, muscle tone or core strength, Eurowave does it all!

How does Eurowave work?
The EUROWAVE utilizes a pulsating faradic wave, which "works out" the chosen muscle group. Eurowave works the same as an isometric exercise. The 18-minute abdominal session is completly effortless, and is equivalent over 200 perfect sit-ups! Unique to the machine is the "Duty Cycle" which allows variation in depth of penetration of the wave, and in the expansion and contraction of the
targeted muscle group. This allows for a variety of additional applications including the successful treatment of back pain and ailments including sciatica, sports injuries, Multiple Sclerosis and certain other medical conditions.

How does EMS work and what are the benefits?
Electro Muscle Stimulation is a very safe and simple procedure, in which micro currents are applied to the muscle fibers of a treated area, stimulating them and making them work. The stimulation creates huge energy demand in the muscles. To satisfy this demand, muscles utilize surrounding fats as the source of energy, burning them the same as they do during a regular workout.
(This is why we can guarantee a measurable difference in just one session)
Basically, Electro Muscle Stimulation is an extensive fitness therapy: fifteen minutes of electro muscular stimulation equals forty-eight hours of nonstop gym exercise. As a result of Electro Muscle Stimulation treatments, muscles and skin become tight and fats are eliminated.  Besides firming muscles, which results in an incredible loss of inches, electro stimulation also increases metabolism, fluid circulation and oxygenation of a treated area, making it a very effective tool for anti-cellulite treatment.

Where did electro muscle stimulation (EMS) originate?
Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a technology that was first developed in the early 1970s for astronauts who needed a fast reshaping of muscles after returning from outer space. Since then, numerous research studies have been performed using EMS. Bruce Lee used EMS extensively to increase speed and hardness. The US Medical Advisory Committee has allowed the use of Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) systems by athletes since the 1972 Olympics.
Bodybuilders, professional athletes, physiotherapists, and sports doctors use Electro Muscle Stimulation systems to supplement their regular workout routines. Many doctors use Electro Muscle Stimulation units to rehabilitate muscles following injury and to ease patients’ chronic muscle spasms and pain. European beauty centers have been using Electro Muscle Stimulation for twenty five years, predictions are that EMS use in Canada and the United States is going to be the latest phenomenon.
There are three types of Electro Muscle Stimulation equipment: personal (low voltage or battery powered), professional (110/220v) and medical (stationary).
Personal equipment or portable Electro Muscle Stimulation devices stimulate already developed muscle bundles. It is a perfect solution for those who work out. Portable EMS devices run on low voltage current of AC/DC adapters or batteries. The low voltage is usually enough to keep muscles in a toned condition, but not enough to actually build new muscle.
Professional Electro Muscle Stimulation equipment performs anti-cellulite treatment, inch loss; lifts and body shaping by actually building new muscle mass. We recommend professional equipment only to certified technicians for use in beauty salons, spas, tanning salons or weight loss centers. Professional EMS appliances in those places generate sophisticated and powerful types of current designed exclusively for changing of body shapes, treatment of multiple beauty problems, and anti-aging.
Medical Electro Muscle Stimulation has always existed in hospitals, and some of you may have received EMS treatments in cases of nerve damage, pain, or post accident rehabilitation.
Electro Muscle Stimulation or EMS has many names: Resculpting, Miolifting, Firming, Toning, Electrolipolysis, Isomodeling, Electro Body Shaping, Electronic Muscular Stimulation, Power Muscle Stimulation, Electrolysis, Electro Balancing, Faradic Stimulation, Faradic Muscle Toning, Endermologie, and so forth. All these names are correct, because they are united under the same concept: the healing and strengthening influence of electro currents applied to a human body. 
Is the Eurowave safe? Are there any side effects?
The only side effect is your clothes get too big. Joking aside the machine is approved by the British Medical Association and the CSA for use in hospitals, chiropractic and physiotherapy locations, it has been around a long time in Britain and Europe, it's perfectly safe. 

What do you mean by instant inch loss?
You take the part of your body that you don't like and we make it disappear. How it works, it gently passes an electrical current through the muscle which stimulates is and contract and relax the same as if you go to the gym. One 18 minute session is equivalent to over 200 sit-ups, so it's very effective very quickly.

Will I lose weight?
No, the treatment itself focuses on inch loss not weight, because it's your inches that stop wearing the clothes that you want. A person going to the gym will actually weigh more that someone who doesn't work out, even though they are smaller, because they are toned, and that is what you will be achieving; inch loss though toning. Let's face it, who cares if we weight 160lbs, if we can wear a size 10................
It's all about how toned you are.

How many inches can I lose?
There will be a measurable difference after your trial, usually between 1-3" after 10 sessions we expect to have you down a dress size that's 2" from your tummy 2"" from your waist and 1" from your rib cage.

How quickly will I see a difference?
You can expect see a noticeable difference after the first session.

How often should I schedule a treatment?
Twice a week is good; three times a week is perfect.

How long are the treatments?
Trial sessions take about 45 minutes because we have to measure and fill out client card. After that sessions take 18 minutes.

Does it hurt?
Not at all, quite the opposite. It feels like a gentle tickle at first then in the toning part like a massage for your muscles.

Will I be sore after the treatments?
No, because we are not ripping or tearing muscles as you do in a gym. Also, there is no build up of lactic acid.

Are payment plans available?
Yes a payment of two equal payments can be arranged. Or a monthly membership fee.

The Medical Advisory Committee has allowed the use of Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) systems by athletes since the 1972 Olympics. Bodybuilders, professional athletes, physiotherapists, and sports doctors use Electro Muscle Stimulation systems to supplement their regular workout routines. Many doctors use Electro Muscle Stimulation units to rehabilitate muscles following injury and to ease patients chronic muscle spasms and pain.
Most athletic persons agree that it’s difficult to maintain a perfect and natural body shape. However, getting this perfect shape is much harder than keeping it. Electro Muscle Stimulation can rapidly do both: create a figure and support it.
Beauty industry professionals benefit when they use Electro Muscle Stimulation machines in spas, beauty salons, and weight loss centers. European beauty centers are using Electro Muscle Stimulation and have been for over twenty five years. And in Canada and the United States Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) will be the next new big thing.
While their prices are similar to those for massage or body-wrapping procedures, Electro Muscle Stimulation treatments bring better and longer-lasting results that are noticeable immediately, even after the first procedure (How about 1-4 inches reduction in belly after just one 20 min session!).
The results have been proven by twenty years of practice in European beauty centers, it's a natural and inexpensive way of achieving beauty without surgical intervention. 

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