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 A little background on the Galvanic Spa

The treatment has been used in prestigious spas for more than 50 years. The patented self-adjusting galvanic currents remove toxins and impurities from the skin and then facilitate the transport of key nutrients. The treatment erases lines, tones the skin, lifts the facial muscles, and can also be used to revitalize your hair and scalp, and on the body for a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.


Breakthrough in Anti-Aging!

NuSkin – in a revolutionary skin care breakthrough, along with Purdue University has unlocked the science behind the secret of why some people seem to look younger longer.

Through exclusive research, NuSkin has finally found a key to helping control your skin’s destiny with  NuSkin Galvanic Facial gels featuring ageLOC – a powerful aging antidote developed to help decrease signs of visible aging. Together with the Galvanic Spa, NuSkin facial gels give your skin an immediate, visibly, younger appearance. The new ageLOC ingredient blend helps slow an internal source of skin aging before it starts.  Get results you can see now with benefits that last into the future.

Can you think of anyone you know who might want to look younger? Invite them to come with you.



Time will never tell



arNOX is a destructive enzyme discovered by NuSkin scientists in collaboration with scientists at Purdue University. This is ground-breaking. arNOX is located on skin cells and generates free radicals on the skin surface. Free radicals destroy collagen and elastin. The higher the arNOX serum levels, the older you look and the faster you age. NuSkin scientists have developed a blend of ingredients that inhibit the arNOX enzyme! These ingredients are blended into the galvanic gels. This blend of ingredients is call ageLOC.


Studies at Stanford University show that people who have high levels of arNOX being released by these cells look on average 7 years older than their biological age, and in some cases as much as 18 years older. People who have low levels of arNOX look on average 7 years younger than their biological age and in some cases as much as 16 years younger!


Scientists from Nu Skin Enterprises and Purdue University report their novel research findings on age-related NADH oxidase (arNOX) this week in Kyoto, Japan, at International Investigative Dermatology 2008 (IID2008), a major scientific venue for the latest information on skin biology. The scientists present compelling evidence that arNOX, an enzyme associated with cell membranes, is present and active on skin cells. Significantly, arNOX activity increases during the "aging" years of about 45-70.


"Identifying skin-associated arNOX and its increasing activity with age is a breakthrough discovery in understanding skin aging," said Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, primary investigator with Dermatology Consulting Services, member of the Nu Skin Scientific Advisory Board and one of the study authors. "Currently, most dermatological research focuses on correcting skin damage after it occurs. Identifying an internal source of free radicals in skin, and advancing an understanding of how and why they are generated, adds to our
ability to address fundamental mechanisms that may combine with external sources to lead to accelerated skin aging."


"Evidence of arNOX in the skin provides further insights into potentially revolutionary therapies for skin care, particularly because its activity correlates with the ages when people begin to see their skin lose its elasticity and firmness, and notice more discoloration and lines and wrinkles," remarked Helen Knaggs, PhD, vice president of Nu Skin global research and development. "If we can develop innovative ways to inhibit arNOX activity and prevent the production of free radicals in the first place, then we can address both sides of the equation -- correcting free radical damage from external sources, while at the same time preventing free radical production from internal sources."



The Purdue University study below shows the levels of arNOX being released before then after the application of ageLOC:

As this Study shows when the gelswithageLOCare applied to theskin using the Galvanic Spa the production of arNOX is VirtuallyEliminated!



We are the Only Company in the World that has the Patented, Proprietary Technology to have ageLOC and the in home delivery system needed to apply it!


Product: ageLOC gel

ageLOC is contained within the gel and the Galvanic Spa is used as the delivery system.


Product: The Galvanic Spa is the delivery system for applying ageLOC

NuSkin has developed a Patented Galvanic Spa the about the size of a cell phone. Now everyone can use Galvanic at home for about $8 per treatment and get tighter, smother, younger looking skin in as little as 10 minutes by applying the ageLOC gels!


Galvanic Currents have been used for years by expensive spas. The cost for a treatment ranges on average from $100 to $150 per treatment. Sophia Loren has been having these treatments for many years and says she owes her youthful look to it. Recently Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman use our Galvanic Spa.


Product: Tru Face Essence Ultra

This Revolutionary Product has been Clinically Proven when applied twice a day to give over 90% of it users the Elastin levels of someone in their early 20’s!


Key Ingredients in Tru Face Essence Ultra:  

Ethocyn® - anti-aging ingredient that has been clinically proven to improve the skin's elastin content, the key component to firm skin.
Antioxidants - compounds that neutralize free radicals or prevent free radical-initiated chemical reaction.
Tègreen 97® - a proprietary antioxidant that helps protect the skin from oxidizing free radical damage.
CoQ10 - a powerful antioxidant, coenzyme Q10 promotes cellular energy production and functions best within an antioxidant network.
Colorless Carotenoids - unique antioxidants produced from algae that help protect the skin from environmental hazards.


What does all this mean to you? You have a company that has spent $270,000,000 in research and finding the sources of aging and then finding ingredients that fight aging at the source!

Since these are Patented Products we are the Only Company in the World that can sell them to the aging Baby Boomers; the largest single segment of the aging population that has the most disposable income in the world. They are fighting the aging process with passion and spending Billions trying to prevent it and we have the products and technology they are seeking out!

We have a compensation plan that has created more Millionaires than all other network marketing companies combined! The average Blue Diamond earns $506,000.00 per year of recurring, permanent income. NOW is the time to position and build like never before!




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