Our exclusive, patented Sea Clay Solution and the Universal Contour Wrap process is the consummation of over twelve year research by Dr. Strem. He has examined all the types of wrap solutions know to man and has familiarised himself with the techniques and processes for the purpose of inch reduction and detoxification.

Dr. Strem's reasearch proved that today the best body wrap solution base is sea clay. Sea Clay has been used both externally and internally since the days of Cleopatra, and by the America Indians in cleansing rites and rituals.

By utilising the sea clay base containing practically every known element of the earth and human body, then taking advantage of current technology and research, he fortified this base with natural additives.

In doing so, Dr. Strem created the Universal Contour Wrap. The wrapping process 'contours' the body which results in better 'shaping' of the body through the cleansing, toning, and tightening of the skin and soft tissue.

Following an exhaustive survey of different types of wrap solutions (mineral, aloe and herbal) all were discarded in favour of sea clay. 

About the Universal Contour Wrap 

The Universal Contour Wrap™ exfoliates and cleanses your skin, detoxifies your body, tightens loose tissue and guarantees you exceptional and lasting inch loss. It is excellent for reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

The treatment works by compressing the soft tissue with elasticated cotton bandages, using special wrapping techniques that ‘lift’ and ‘shape’ the body and flattening bulges, whilst the sea clay solution cleanses and purges the body of stored toxins that are stored between the fat cells. The treatment will take just under 2 hours from start to finish, and you will be measured before & after the treatment so that inch loss can be calculated.

The average client will lose between 10- and 14" on their first wrap - many obtain even better results. A course of three wraps is recommended for maximum benefit. The wraps should be taken no less than seven to ten days apart, and clients should lose in excess of 25" over the course. 

Who will benefit?

•Dieters who want some terrific motivation
•Women with loose skin from pregnancy or weight changes
•Women with stretch marks - as the skin tightens, the stretch marks become less noticeable
•Women with cellulite problems
•Women who want to lose inches for a special occasion
•People who do not have excess weight, but need to lose a few inches and improve their shape
•Anyone who would like to lose toxins from their body
•People with overly dry skin
•Men with problem stomachs, waists or midriffs
•Out of proportion bodies
•Dieters who want to stay as firm as possible while dieting
•Anyone who needs to tighten body tissue
•Teenagers who want to lose inches from the right places first
•Teenagers who need some positive help with their figures
•Sufferers of psoriasis and eczema
•Men and women who want to look terrific – FAST

What is the Universal Contour Wrap?

Dr. Strem's exclusive, patented body wrap process and solution is a genuine "contouring" wrap process which results in better 'shaping' of the body through the cleansing, toning and tightening of the skin and soft fatty tissue.

This is in total contast to the quick-slim, cling film or heat type wraps. These alternative wrap products produce very temporary and indiscriminate results mainly through water loss. Our exclusive process which is actually a warm process, results in little or no weight loss whatsoever. Hence we can ensure that the inches we firm, tone and reduce off the body measurements.... can stay off indefinitely.

The Universal Contour Wrap is a safe and effective way for men and women to lose inches in approximately two hours. The client is in the wrap bandages for 60 to 70 minutes and the remainder of the time is used for measuring, wrapping and unwrapping. Once wrapped clients are assisted into a vinyl suit which will help retain their body temperature whilst in the wrap. At no time during the wrap are the natural evaporative processes on the body inhibited.

Our exclusive wrap process is carried our using six inch wide contouring bandages. These bandages are soaked in the natural sea clay solution and then applied to the body acting like a giant poultice. (Like a face pack on the body). This giant poultice effect will naturally extract toxins and poisons from the body's soft tissue (adipose fat tissue).

The all natural sea clay solution we use is a hypo-allergenic compound that will leave the skin free of dead skin cells and feeling supple, soft and re-juvenated. Our body wrap solution does not contain any ingredients which increase the body's metabolism or milk the fat content our of the fat cells. Nor does this treatment remove the need for physical fitness or weight loss programs which may be deemed essential for better health.

At the same time that toxins are being removed our fatty tissue is being compacted. We utilise special techniques to help lift the buttocks and breasts, flatten thigh and tummy bulges, emphasize a waistline and tighten the skin overall. This is what we call "Body Sculpturing". With the toxins removed, it allows the body's natural elastin to substantially hold this new shape.

Because we help the body to develop a smoother, firmer muscle base over which the soft tissue is being cleansed and compacted, women and obese men will show excellent results in the diminishing of cellulite. As the skin tightens stretch marks become less noticeable, as do scars and blemishes. People with skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema can benefit enormously from this treatment, and a real difference can be seen and felt as soon as the contour wrap bandages are removed.

 N.B. We can wrap children with skin problems if requested by their parents, and we will "flesh wrap" only - as we will not need to lift, shape or work to compact tissue.

Why the Univeral Contour Wrap Works?

A Word about Toxins.

It is important to understand the effect lifestyle has upon developing toxicity and how it affects the quality of tissue tone. Toxin accumulation can be caused by age, illness, medications, pollutants in the air, stress, improper diet, smoking, drinking, lack of exercise and even weight loss. Some people may find this surprising but because weight loss is the result of fat breakdown, that process itself is very toxic. All of this is further complicated for women with hormonal changes and pregnancy. In women, these fluids accumulate from the waist to the knees, and in men from the abdomen up through the face and throat.

When the skin and kidneys become overloaded, toxins are stored in the fluid between the fat cells. They are called interstitial fluids which simply means 'between the cells'. These fluids are not removed by any normal process. You cannot diet them away, exercise them away or sauna them away.

These fluids test from 34 to 69 percent toxicity - so toxic they would kill a red blood cell on contact. We we unwrap someone who is particularly toxic, an odour such as alcohol, nicitine or medication is often acutely detected in the bandage. Many choose to be wrapped for the cleansing benefits as well as the inch loss and reshaping. The cleansing of toxins from your skin and soft adipose fat tissue through body wrapping is our goal with the Univeral Contour Wrap.

A Word About Elastin.

Elastin holds and maintains the shape of the soft tissue and skin but it becomes increasingly inhibited as toxins accumulate. As already discussed, fat acts as a sponge for storing toxins. When fat breaks down (weight loss), copious amounts of toxins will be released and absorbed into the remaining fat and connective tissue, thus further inhibiting Elastin and resulting in tissue that can appear to look worse rather than better from weight loss. The Univeral Contour Wrap can really help tighten this loose saggy tissue. We recommend that if you have lost a lot of weight in recent months that we suggest you buy a course of wraps to see some real benefits.

By revitalising elastin, we give the body the ability to 'grab hold' of the shape we have moulded it to under the pressure of the wrap bandages - and the ability to maintain it. This moderate pressure of the wrap bandages - and the ability to maintain it. This moderate pressure also brings the skin closer, thus limiting the fatty layer under the skin to its normal form. As a result, the effect of our wrap should last up to a year or two (based on time data studies and no weight gain). Whilst going to the gym or doing other forms of exercise will in most cases only firm and tone the muscles underneath softened tissue, getting the soft tissue to respond is our speciality with the Universal Contour Wrap.

A Word About Cellulite.

Cellulite is basically a social term but not a medically accepted term. Cellulite is medically known as 'toxified fatty deposits'. Research now indicates that toxified fatty deposits formation in women is due to monthly hormonal changes along with normally high oestrogen levels. These toxic accumulations of the normal fat centres of the body seem to occus naturally. While in men, excessive fat accumulation will precipitate oestrogen production and the obese male will be subject to formulations of toxified fattly deposits. The excessive toxicity of fatty deposits, in time, will tend to pit the surfaces of the muscle base over which they are retained. This in conjunction with inhibiting elastin allows for the overlying tissue to accentuate every bump, dip and bulge of the atrophied muscle base. This produces the effect of what is commonly termed 'cellulite'.

Because cellulite is an abnormal condition causing a slow breakdown and weakness in the connective tissue that holds the skin firm, regular diet and exercise are not enough. One must eliminate the excessive accumulation of toxins and fluids that prevent the spontaneous correction of this abnormal condition. Since cellulite in the body is formed over a long period of time, it will not disapear immediately after only one wrap; a difference will be seen and felt but what we recommend is a course of wraps for maximum benefit. 

The Case for taking a Course

Course of wraps is often recommended; these should be taken 7-10 days apart. Inch loss is accumulative and most clients should lose around 25" over three wraps (depending on their size!) It is quite normal for a client to come down a complete dress size, without losing a pound in weight, over three wraps. Clients dieting would have even better results. Regardless of inch loss, a course of treatments will provide an excellent detoxification programme and is ideal after times of excess such as Christmas, holidays etc.  Why not give yourself or someone a gift of inch loss today.

One last word on staying in shape

Gradually, as you re-toxify those ‘lost’ inches will gradually creep back, a further Universal Contour Wrap every 8-12 weeks should help to maintain the results.

Further tips include drinking plenty of water, - un-carbonated water is recommended, try and drink between 6 & 8 tall glasses of water each day. This will help your body’s lymphatic system working efficiently.

Body Brush at least 3 times a week, ideally just after bathing/showering whilst your skin is slightly damp. This will remove the dead skin cells and stimulate the circulation and greatly assists the appearance of cellulite.

Ask us about our firming or cellulite products if needed, check out for Patch Contour and Reduce Zone – two excellent cellulite busting products and Svelte Profile for skin which needs firming up.



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